Kitchen Design

The Homework to Do for a Satisfactory Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen calls for a thoughtful plan. And, the designing is an ever-changing process due the frequently changing kitchen design trend.

There can be many aspects to consider before you start designing your kitchen, from a functional layout to solid construction materials.

Uses of a kitchen have diversified from the sole use of cooking food that existed long ago. Today, the kitchen can be a place od entertainment, and dining apart from its fundamental use as a cooking room.

Therefore, you should plan your kitchen’s design carefully. And, you can hire a professional kitchen designer to design your kitchen.

In this article, we will walk you through the entire stages of kitchen designing—design style, choosing the cabinetry, selecting the flooring, etc.

So, if your kitchen is outdated, and you are planning for a makeover, read this article to make yourself aware of how to proceed.

 #1. List the Required Items

Understandably, you cannot actuate the design without the essential items. So, listing the items required for your kitchen design is the first thing to do.

You have to figure out the items you need from a designer’s perspective. It might a bit difficult for you. So, you can hire a kitchen planner to do the job for you.

However, you need not hire a professional if you can do the listing yourself. Moreover, there is a positive side of the exercise. You can get creative, and realize if you can reuse any item during the design process.

#2. Choose a Layout

Next, you need to choose a layout for your kitchen. And for that, you can consider the following factors to get an idea of a good layout:

How will you use the kitchen? It will help you to choose a kitchen layout that will fit the usage.

Examine the working part of your kitchen, and its alignment with a dining table. It will help you to better ideate on a good layout.

Again, you should focus on the working triangle concept to plan for the preparation and cooking spaces. The concept involves three fundamental points–the fridge, sink and hob– with imaginary lines between the points forming a triangular shape.

Make sure that the three points should be near to each other to make meal preparation efficient. But, at the same time, each section should not make people feel restrictive.

#3. Formulate a Floor Plan

Next, you should start working on a floorplan for your kitchen. And for that, you have to examine the entire available space.

You can plan the floor layout yourself. However, if you find it challenging, you can hire a kitchen design expert to formulate the plan.

In the plan, you should provide the locations of the internal and external doors, and windows. It will allow a good flow possible between your kitchen, outside space and the rest of your house.

#4. Choose the Essential Materials

You need to choose the essential materials for your kitchen design. We recommend you to invest in good quality materials, as that will make your kitchen last longer.

It will be wise to choose hardwood or plywood. And, there are merits in choosing either of the materials.

While, hardwood is the most durable material for kitchen makeovers, plywood is a cheaper alternative.

Again, you can have the option to choose fiberboard cabinets if you want a sleek design, which is also in vogue.

The cabinets are affordable, and durable. And, fiberboard cabinets have smooth surfaces, and bear a minimalist look.

While looking for the best materials for your kitchen makeover, you should also determine the materials to avoid.

Remembers, cabinets and cabinet doors with a wood veneer do not last very long due to the possibility of the veneer layer peeling and chipping. And, the same things can happen to particleboard. Therefore, you need to avoid these materials for your kitchen makeover project.

However, you can use the materials if you are on a very tight budget, wanting to keep all costs at the minimum.

#5. Choose the Color

The color is the first impression for your kitchen. So, you should choose the color carefully.

You can choose a color from a wide variety of choices. Given the popularity, you can choose white, the most used color. If you do not like it, you can choose cream, off-white or pale grey.

Again, it can be a good option to impart a classic kitchen design that will be always popular, and also is easy to redecorate in the future. Notably, potential home buyers will like the design if you will sale your house in the future.

There are merits of each color. So, you should not disregard any color.

A white or pale-color can allow you to have more options while choosing the decoration – from kitchen tiles to kitchen flooring.

The grey color can work with traditional and contemporary designs. Also, the dark colors are the contemporary trends.

#6. Choose the Worktop

The worktop for your kitchen needs a careful selection. You need to choose a worktop that suits to the layout of your kitchen. Moreover, you should take your budget into consideration while choosing a worktop for your kitchen.

If you are on a limited budget, you can consider Laminate, which is easy to maintain, and can take on the appearance of other materials. But, ensure that you choose the best quality Laminate.

Wood can be good option. And, it is smooth to touch, and looks great. However, wood calls for regular care.

If you want something other than wood, you can consider Natural Stone, which looks beautiful, and notably, each piece looks unique, giving an eye-catching appearance to your kitchen.

The next option can be artificial composites, which do not require regular care, and are durable.

Your options do not end here, as there are more in the offing.

You can consider:

  • Stainless steel, which can render a professional look
  • Concrete and concrete-look quartz, which can look beautiful with different shades
  • Glass can be eye-catching

The Final Say

So, there are many aspects to consider before you begin your kitchen makeover project. And, a comprehensive consideration of the essential factors can lead to the accomplishment of a satisfactory kitchen makeover.