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About Interior Design

Our experienced interior designers create fabulous, visually attractive interiors that are a perfect combination of comfort, style and functionality. Our designs are aimed at providing you with a superior quality of life, while, at the same time, raising the real estate value of your property.

Maximizing Space

Our interior design experts have an intrinsic sense of space which translates to maximum use of available area without compromising on freedom of movement.

Colors and Color Accents

Our deep understanding of how different colors act on our senses enables us to use the right shades and accents to set the mood and bring out the charm of different rooms.


Our lighting designs are conceived with emphasis on maximizing the natural light available. We use a variety of lighting solutions to blend with the theme and décor of your home.

Furnishings and Décor

We use a combination of different materials such as wood, ceramic, steel and fabric to decorate your home with emphasis on comfort and style and to promote a sense of belonging.


Depending on client requirements our Design team can create any style that reflects the client’s personality like Minimalist, Contemporary, Mid-century Modern and many more.

Sustainable Designs

As far as possible, we try to use locally-sourced, organic, and eco-friendly materials which seek to reduce the adverse impact on the environment and promote a sense of responsibility and well-being.

Residential Design

We provide unmatched home design solutions for any type of residential construction. Our interior designers have years of experience in coming up with inspirational ideas that are completely customized to the requirements of our clients.

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Commercial Design

Our expertise in interior design encompasses all your business needs whether you need it for your office space, industrial set up or retail shop space. We specialize in providing commercial design solutions that are both aesthetic and functional.

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Hospitality Design

We have incomparable expertise in providing interior design solutions for any type of construction in the hospitality sector. We especially excel at providing innovative solutions for all types of restaurants, hotels and holiday resorts.

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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Your association with us will begin with an introduction where we get to know each other. Our initial meeting involves a free onsite visit from our experts, where we get an understanding of your needs, goals, timeline, and budget. Our representative will introduce you to the company and explain all the services that we offer. We will need to know several details such as if you already own property, or need to locate a specific property or if you need your property to be renovated or extended. A preliminary discussing on costs involved will also take place.

Once we agree on the basic costs and requirements, a project brief or concept note is then created for you and is then presented to you for your approval and inputs. A more detailed discussion is held thereafter to finalize these points. Our architects and engineers are briefed about the project and they may visit the site to understand the ground realities and the overall environment of the project. A final concept design is then presented to you encompassing all the design ideas in a visually attractive format using 3D technology and an immersive VR experience.

When the architects have created their designs, it is time for their ideas to turn into reality. Our structural engineers swing into action and finalize all the structural elements of the project. This is also where the interior designers and landscape designers enter into the scene and provide their detailed creative inputs. All documentations and permits are applied for by our team. Environmental clearances, if required, are also taken at this stage. A final signoff from all the stakeholders takes place followed by final pricing of the project and signing of the building contract.

This is the stage where all the planning finally takes off and the construction starts. The entire project is managed by our project management team which ensures that the construction takes place according to the approved plans. The project manager works in close coordination with the architects, designers, engineers, construction team and vendors to ensure timely and cost-effective completion of the project. The project goes through a final stage of inspection to make sure that all plans and modifications have been adhered to. Finally, the project is completed and it is time to hand over the keys to you.

Why Orana


We are always committed to the given Timelines.


A team of experts with years of experience in the industry.


We customize & turn your ideas into reality.


Regular reporting & feedback to the customer throughout the process.


No overpricing, no hidden costs or agenda, best value assured.

Customer Satisfaction

Our results turn customers into brand ambassadors.


We believe in clarity and unhindered honesty


The quality of our final product is what makes us special.

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