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About Retail Design, Drawings & Building Permits

Retail spaces attract customers and provide them with a convenient and fulfilling shopping experience. Designing retail spaces requires high levels of creativity as well as a deep understanding of consumer buying behavior. At Orana, we have what it takes to build meaningful retail spaces.


Retail Storefront Design & Building Permits

Retail storefronts present great opportunities for small business owners to display and sell their products. They can be built as walk-in shops, kiosks, or mall carts and are equally effective in indoor malls or outdoor strip malls. Our team at ORANA has the experience and the know to turn your dream project into reality.


Supermarket Design & Building Permits

Supermarkets are timesaving and convenient due to the scientific layout and design of the store area, which allow for easy access and navigation of the products displayed in different aisles. Get in Touch to find out how we can help you with your supermarket permits.


Brand Retail Stores Design & Building Permits

Retail stores, whether stand-alone or part of a chain, that sell branded items such as shoes, clothes or electronics require special expertise to design them as they have to be tailored to project a unique brand image. You also might be required to obtain some permits to open a brand retail store, get in touch to find out.


Cannabis Grow House Design & Building Permits

Commercial grow houses have specialized design requirements for efficient & effective output. Our designers have abundance of experience in implementing these economical solutions to make the best use out of the square footage. We can also deal with the city to obtain cannabis grow house building permits for you.


Cannabis Retail Design & Building Permits

Countries such as Canada, where sale and use of marijuana for recreational purposes has been legalized, are witnessing new and ingenious methods to display and sell “weed” and associated products from storefronts. Our experts at ORANA can help you to design an ideal Cannabis retail facility, complying with all the local codes and zoning by-laws.


Pharmacy Design & Building Permits

Pharmacies require specific layout and design for storing and dispensing medicines and medical equipment. Designing of appropriate shelving is an important component of pharmacy construction.

What is a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is a formal approval from the city of Toronto that allows you to proceed with construction, demolition, addition or renovation on your property. As part of the Building Permit process, Toronto Building Permit Department must review your permit drawings to make sure that they are according to the Ontario Building Code, local Zoning By-laws and other Applicable Law.

Who needs a Building Permit?

If your Retail Store project involves any additions, demolitions, alterations, change of use or major changes to your property's structure or its mechanical systems, you are required to apply for an appropriate permit from the City of Toronto. However, in some cases you might not be required to obtain a permit. You can contact us on (416) 238-8363 or E-mail us on to find out if you need a permit or not.

When is a building permit typically required?

Following is a list of jobs which require you to submit a set of drawings along with an application to obtain a building permit:
  • Interior Alterations: Any interior alterations in the retail unit like re-locating a wall etc.
  • Change of use: When you are occupying a unit and changing the exiting use of the unit.
  • Capacity: Increasing customer capacity of the Retail unit.
  • Zoning Approval: A set of drawings might be required to obtain zoning approval from the city.
  • Mechanical equipment addition/alteration: Any equipment alteration which affect the existing HVAC or the plumbing system in the unit.
  • Relocating/Adding any HVAC ducts or vents.
  • Replacing existing HVAC unit.
  • Structural Alterations: Any structural alterations to the unit require you to obtain a building permit.

Why Orana


We are always committed to the given Timelines.


A team of experts with years of experience in the industry.


We customize & turn your ideas into reality.


Regular reporting & feedback to the customer throughout the process.


No overpricing, no hidden costs or agenda, best value assured.

Customer Satisfaction

Our results turn customers into brand ambassadors.


We believe in clarity and unhindered honesty


The quality of our final product is what makes us special.



Contact us

Contact us via phone or e-mail & describe your project. Our experts will then tell you If a permit is required or not. Some jobs may require multiple permits.


Schedule a free on-site visit

Once the scope of work is established over the phone/e-mail, we then schedule a free on-site visit where one of our experts comes to the site to discuss the project in detail & also to take measurements of the property to prepare all the necessary drawings.


Prepare the permit application

Our Permit Experts prepare your application which includes all the building permit drawings & documents required by the Toronto building permit department.



Our team submits your building permit application & informs you to pay the requisite building permit fee to the city directly or through us.


Building Permit is Granted

The Building department will issue you an official building permit once everything is submitted & approved.

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