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About Hospitality Design

We provide incomparable design and build solutions for a number of hospitality space requirements. Our designs project warmth and comfort, assuring guests of a world-class ambience. Our highly talented team blends innovative designs with quality construction to provide memorable experiences.


Restaurants (Fine dining/Casual dining)

We design-build restaurants of various types such as fine dining, casual dining or family type as well as special theme restaurants, multi-cuisine, and restaurants that offer a-la-carté or buffet style service.



We provide highly creative designs solutions for cafes that usually require a more casual setting and like to project themselves as a combination of classy and cool with a laidback ambience.


Chain Restaurants

Chain restaurants with multiple branches have décor and color schemes that are designed to be visibly attractive and instantly recognizable and convey a sense of familiarity.


Boutique Hotels

Our boutique hotels solutions are focused on providing highly personalized experience to guests, laying emphasis on luxury and comfort with a cozy, homelike atmosphere.



Our commercial space solutions for casinos range from enormous places designed to attract a large number of people to smaller, more exclusive establishments meant for high net worth individuals.



In addition to standard hotel services, holiday resorts also require infrastructure solutions for a range of activities including entertainment, sports, shopping, etc.

Why Orana


We are always committed to the given Timelines.


A team of experts with years of experience in the industry.


We customize & turn your ideas into reality.


Regular reporting & feedback to the customer throughout the process.


No overpricing, no hidden costs or agenda, best value assured.

Customer Satisfaction

Our results turn customers into brand ambassadors.


We believe in clarity and unhindered honesty


The quality of our final product is what makes us special.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Your association with us will begin with an introduction where we get to know each other. Our initial meeting involves a free onsite visit from our experts, where we get an understanding of your needs, goals, timeline, and budget. Our representative will introduce you to the company and explain all the services that we offer. We will need to know several details such as if you already own property, or need to locate a specific property or if you need your property to be renovated or extended. A preliminary discussing on costs involved will also take place.

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