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The Homework to Do Before Renovating Your Restaurant in Toronto

In Toronto, the restaurant business is flourishing remarkably. And that is due to most people in the city preferring to eat outside at least twice a week.

As there is no indication of any reduction in their restaurant visits in the future, the restaurant will remain one of the fastest-growing industries in the city.

So, if you own a restaurant in Toronto that has grown old, you should renovate it. And, the intent is obvious—to attract more customers and increase your sales.

But, the path to renovating your restaurant is not straightforward. So, you should be careful not to commit the common mistakes restaurant owners usually make during a renovation.

Your customers do not come to your restaurant just for food. They also expect a certain amount of energy and aesthetics from your restaurant in addition to the food. You should keep that vital aspect in mind while constructing your restaurant renovation plan. Therefore, you should ensure your renovation does not erode the creative elements of your restaurant.

As your restaurant needs to generate profits continuously, you should keep it running during the renovation period. Providing excellent customer service and simultaneously renovating your restaurant seem to be a challenging task. But, you need not worry as there are effective ways out.

So, let us walk through some of the best restaurant renovation ideas. And, what is more, the ideas will work even if you are on a tight budget.

Understand Your Target Customers

The first thing to do is, develop a clear understanding of your target customers. Try to figure out their tastes and preferences.

Knowing the specific information about your target customers is essential for every aspect of your restaurant business. If you do not know your target customers and why and when they come to your restaurant, you can never formulate an impactful strategy to prompt them to go to your restaurant.

A good strategy is to narrow down your target audience and focus on the most profitable segment. Subsequently, find ways to prompt them to come to your restaurant and bring their friends along with them.

Such information will help you to discover effective ways of renovating your restaurant.

For example, say, you find a most likely customer who is a recent college graduate who likes local food, is environment impact conscious and has a disposable income of around USD 400 per month.

When you have this information, you can structure your renovations to engage the qualified lead better.

You can be sure that the probable customer will not be interested in pre-packaged frozen pub fare and corporate menus. Instead, the customer is likely to prefer kitchen-made food. In addition, the customer is expected to read any literature about your restaurant being famous for serving local foods and reducing the carbon footprint.

With the clues, you can formulate your renovation plan that can include low-energy consumption lighting, recycled or earthy materials, and a glass partition to allow your customers to see your chefs at work.

Create Good First Impressions

As you know, the first impression is the last, so you should preserve the initial impressions of your restaurant in your renovation.

Your renovated staircase should irradiate the initial impression of your customers. And, you should bear in mind that you will never get a second chance to create the first impression. So, you need to handle your restaurant renovation carefully.

In addition, cleaning and decorating your restaurant space can help to create an excellent first impression. For example, cleaning up the parking space and the restaurant space of cigarette butts and litter can make your restaurant appealing to invite people to experience the clean and fresh area.

You can put flower pots along the walkways to enhance your restaurant’s appeal.

When the first impression is good, it can appeal to people to come to the door of your restaurant. And that can lead them to the inside of your restaurant to undergo the food experience your restaurant provides.

Maintain Cleanliness

Take the cleanliness aspect seriously in your restaurant renovation plan. Ensure that you maintain the bathroom clean after the renovation process. Likewise, maintain cleanliness for your restroom.

The state of your bathroom is often the deciding factor for many customers in whether they will return or not. Conversely, a dirty bathroom prompts many customers not to return.

Therefore, take adequate care of your bathroom during the renovation process. For example, it is a good idea to add some glass. It will render the bathroom look more prominent. And, add low-flow faucets to impart a great look great and save water.

Also, paint the bathroom with crisp white paint. It will impart the feelings of sanitation, cleanliness, and hygiene apart from increasing the light.

Choose the Right Colour

The colour creates the first impression about your restaurant. So, choose the colour carefully during the renovation phase.

If you cannot figure out the right colour, go to a local paint shop and ask about the type and colour of paint that will match your restaurant. After getting an idea from the local shop, you can refer to a colour theory booklet about the hue that encourages people to feel happy, relaxed, and hungry mentally.

If your restaurant is smaller, you can use light and cool colours, such as cream-white, light green or a lightened yellow. In contrast, you can use paint of a warm colour, like brown, grey and dark green, if your restaurant is larger.

Moreover, there are other aspects to know about colours. For example, while the green colour promotes feelings of health and well-being, yellow promotes high spirits and happiness.

It is not good to use the blue colour because it does not go well for the food serving areas. But, the colour can be a good option for your restaurant entrance and front.

Use Outdoors

Many people like to eat outdoors. So, use your outside space to leverage the joy of people eating outdoors. It is good to put tables in your outdoor space to enable your customers to eat in the open area. It will also increase the seating capacity, hence will generate more revenues.

The Final Say

Renovating your restaurant does not mean that you should take the entire headache by yourself. You can also delegate your restaurant renovation project to a trusted and reputed construction firm, Orana, which provides cost-effective end-to-end construction and renovating solutions.