Pool Permits

Pool Permits: Do You Need One?

When you see a pool in the backyards of a house, what is the first impression you get? First, of course, you get a good impression.

In addition, a pool enhances the beauty of the premise.

If you have decided to construct a swimming pool in your backyard, it is sensible. Your investment in making the pool will entail enjoyment and fun for your family for years to come. It will have a lasting effect on the lives of your family.

But, you need to know what benefits you will derive by investing in constructing a pool. So, let us have a look at the advantages:

#1: Health Improvement

As everyone knows, swimming is good exercise. And, having a pool means getting the opportunity to swim right in your backyard.

When you swim, you can exercise your body and heart to improve your health. Also, you can undergo an effective cardio workout when you swim because swimming is a low-impact exercise.

The advantage of swimming is building your muscles and strength without undergoing a regular workout. It can help you work out more muscle groups than you would in a workout session at the gym.

Having a pool in your backyard can entail other significant benefits too. For example, if someone in your family needs aqua therapy after an accident, he can undergo the therapy session in the pool in a private setting. In such a case, they can avoid going to a community pool.

#2: Hosting Pool Parties

It does not seem to be any need to remind you that pool parties are fun and exciting.

If you have a pool in your backyard, it can be a place to host and enjoy such parties about which you might have been craving for years. When you throw exciting pool parties, your guests will not only enjoy them to their heart content but also will wait anxiously for the next party. Moreover, such parties are a great way to bond and bring people together.

In addition, you can also relax alongside your pool.

#3: Impart Swimming Lessons

Swimming is fantastic art. But, not all are experts in the art. And, many people do not know how to swim, let alone be an expert.

Parents find it challenging to educate their children with swimming lessons in many areas due to the unavailability of swimming pools nearby.

In such a case, a pool in your backyard will help significantly. It can be the most suitable place to teach your children how to swim.

It is good to expose your children to swimming early in their lives. You will help them be comfortable in water bodies by doing so.

When you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it will give your children the opportunity to master the swimming skill right in the privacy within their home boundary.

#4: Increase Home Value

If you have a pool in your backyard, the overall value of your house gets increased. You will realize it when you look for potential buyers for your home if you want to sell your house one day.

The pool can make your house more attractive to potential buyers who are likely to purchase your home investing a good amount of money.

Moreover, a house with a pool can be a deal-breaker compared to a home without one when selling the house. Potential buyers are likely to prefer a house with a pool to a house without one.

#5: Helps Beating Stress

When you have a pool in your home backyard, it means getting the advantage of beating stress with ease. And we know that stress impacts health negatively.

After a stressful day at work, you can unwind by swimming in your pool. It can help you lower anxiety and stress.

Swimming is a potential solution for mental stress and also physical stress. However, whatever you do in the water is a low-impact exercise. So, you will barely realize that you are exercising. As such, you will relieve a lot of pressure from your body.

According to medical science, the lesser is the pressure; the lower is the physical stress.

#6: Bonding Time

Today, the busy work schedule has made it difficult for family members to spend time together.

But, things can be different with a pool in your backyard. Your family members can assemble near the pool to bond with one another.

In addition, you can enjoy family pool nights by playing games in the pool or just chilling and talking.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Many pool construction projects have failed to deliver the desired results due to the failure of choosing the wrong contractor. Therefore, you need to hire a competent contractor for your pool construction project.

It will help if you consider the following factors before hiring a contractor:


The first aspect to look at your prospective pool contractor is the experience level. The more is the experience, the better.

Understandably, building a pool involves a lot of thought and expert skills. And the contractor needs to decide the suitable materials, tools, size, and design to construct a perfect and aesthetically appealing pool.

Therefore, the experience of your prospective contractor matters a lot in actuating a perfect pool construction project.

So, do not fail to check the portfolio of the past projects undertaken by your prospective contractor. It will help to examine the expertise.


Next, you should look at the quality of work performed by your prospective contractor. Ensure that the contractor displays professionalism and focuses on every minute detail of a pool construction project.

Hiring a good quality contractor ensures the guarantee of getting quality work.

The Timeline

Next, ask the contractor to state the duration in which he will complete your project.

With an experienced and skilled contractor, you can complete your pool construction project within the scheduled timeline. Usually, a pool construction project should not span beyond eight weeks.

Effective Communication

How your prospective contractor communicates has a lot to do with the ease with which you will get along with him during the construction phase. Therefore, choose a contractor who communicates professionally and is transparent in dealings. Besides, the contractor should also be able to guide you with the best practices.

Do You Need a Permit for Pool Construction?

The next significant question that arises in a pool construction context is whether you require obtaining a permit for pool construction in Canada. And, the answer is in the affirmative.

In Canada, pool permits are necessary before constructing pools. And the underlying reason is that pool construction is considered as development under the Conservation Authorities Act. So, a permit is needed if you plan to construct a pool within a regulated area.

Suppose your property is within a regulated area in Toronto. You need to obtain a pool permit Toronto from Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) before carrying out your pool construction project.


Constructing a pool in your backyard is a worthwhile project. But, you might not be aware of the essential pre-construction work. In such a case, you can delegate planning your pool construction to a trusted and reputed service provider like Orana that is conversant with the nitty-gritty aspects of pool constructions, like planning and obtaining permits, among others.