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All You Need to Know About Building Permits in Toronto

Constructing a house can be daunting due to the sheer number of factors it involves. You must prepare a budget and account for the resources while also complying with the by-laws. The process becomes even more complex when you live in a city like Toronto.

The Greater Toronto Area is a popular residential spot, amassing over 6.4 million people. However, to build a house in such a high demand location, you must obtain a building permit from the city first.

But when is it needed? How can you get a Toronto building permit? What are the consequences of not obtaining a permit? Read through and learn everything to know about obtaining building permits in Toronto.

What Is a Building Permit and When Is It Needed?  

A building permit can be defined as a License to home demolitions, renovations, and constructions that comply with the local by-laws and provincial codes. The permit helps homeowners get official permission to make changes in their homes. The permit is closed once the changes are made and inspected.

However, not every minor house upgrade requires a permit. For example, replacing a water closet or replacing the floor tiles does not need a permit. However, a permit becomes essential if the changes involve layout alteration. If you still have doubts, our team at Orana can always offer assistance.

How to Apply for a Building Permit in Toronto and How Long Does It Take?

Homeowners can apply for a building permits in the city of Toronto online. In case of simple alterations, you can apply for a fast-track application. The acquisition period can vary depending on the requirements and submitted renovations.

As per city of Toronto:

  • Interior modifications restricted to 1076 sq. ft. require five days for approval.
  • If the residential dwellings involve a single family, it takes ten days.
  • Multi-family residential, part 9 buildings, and commercial areas under three stories and 600m2 require at least 15 days.
  • Residential, part 3 buildings, and commercial above three stories and 600m2 require upwards of 20 days.

However, the period can be increased under some circumstances. The municipalities may send officials to check the modifications and ensure everything complies with the state guidelines.

Similarly, inspectors will visit the property to verify the renovations and close the permit. While the inspector has to close the permit, homeowners should cross-verify its closing as well.

What is the Ideal Time to Get a Toronto Building Permit?

Homeowners should acquire a building permit at least one or two months before the renovations. The permit stays valid for a year after its issuance, so there is no need to wait until the last moment.

For better results, you can even hire reliable service providers like Orana. They can assess your renovation requests and look for zoning issues to simplify the process. Moreover, they can help in aspects like architecture, designing, engineering, construction, etc.

Closing Thoughts

Real estate proceedings are complicated, especially in cities like Toronto. That is why documents like building permits become a life-saver for homeowners. A Toronto building permit ensures you are following the state guidelines when modifying your homes.

Hiring us at Orana is always a good idea to ensure a smooth renovation process. We hope this guide helped you understand why you need a permit. So, go ahead and renovate your home hassle free!